Estelle Method of Reality Shifting ( 5 Step’s Guide)

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Estelle Method Shifting

When the whole world was watching a glimpse of the Covid-19 pandemic, many TikTok stars & Reddit popped up to the trend of reality shifting. It means to shift your consciousness to your dream world. A world where you want to live & breathe.

A few popular shifting reality methods are known. Estelle shifting method is one of the lesser popular ones. It’s an easy & simple technique to unify you with your desired reality (DR). Many people who adore music prefer this style of realm move. It is also one of the few awake shifting methods.

But before we move ahead, it’s recommended to know if reality shifting is safe for you or not.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Estelle Method Shifting

Learn how to practice the Estelle Method and more in this guide. We have step-by-step directions along with an example, so everything you need is right here. To start, let’s talk about how to prepare for this method.

○ How to Prepare to Perform the Estelle Method of Reality Shifting

Getting ready for the Estelle Method involves the same shifting tips as any other reality shifting technique you might try. Meaning, choose your time preferably when you are little tired and sleepy.

Calm down and relax before starting the method. Let the mind and body loosen up, one can even do yoga or meditation to attain that peace of being.

○ Step-by-Step Guide to Perform the Estelle Method

Here are the important needles to accomplish the Estelle technique precisely that’ll smoothly, take you to your dream realm from your existing being:

1. Put on your headphones. Select a playlist that soothes you gently & take you closer to your dream existence. Your heart dances softly on it. Now bed down in a starfish position or any stance you’re comfortable & relaxed in.

2. Imagine someone very special asks you to dance. The person can be your crush, love, friend, or anyone you wish. You’re dancing with that friend in a hall replenished with explicit vibes & pureness. Feel the breeze playing with your hair softly. Watch the glimpse of pure love, compassion & fame in your partner’s eyes for you.

3. Once the dance is over, your pal says to you  – “it’s time to go home & opens the door for you. You’re discovering the supreme love & care in your pal’s eyes.  

4. The instant you step into the entrance, pure bright white rays welcomes you. The radiant shine is engulfing you within. Your eyes are closed. You’re falling freely into it. You’re serene & affirming: “I’m in my dream world. I’m in my dream realism. I’m happy & focused.”

5. Keep affirming till you feel various shifting symptoms. Then open your eyes delicately. You are in your dream existence.

○ An Example of the Estelle Method for Shifting Reality

Estelle Method of Reality Shifting

Let’s try to comprehend the strategy more practically. Dream that you want to live calmly in a hut on a snowy hill station. Let’s start the process.

Lay down on the bed in the most comfortable & relaxed posture. Try to make your mind serene. The thoughts dancing in your marbles are wiped out & vanished temporarily via meditation.

Play a piece of tranquillizing music that suits your dream arena. Try to resonate your heartbeats with the song. The melodious music reminds you of the gentle breeze streaming via the mountains. You’re in the hut. Experience the soothing noise of the river purling a little far through the window.

You saw your crush standing beside the mat made of jute behind you. Your crush asks you to dance. Both of you dance zealously. You’re over the moon.

Now your friend opens the door of the hut. You’re feeling the warmth of love. All your existence is kissing you with contentment. You walk ahead passing the door & a divine bright white glow welcomes me. You’re slowly embedded into it. You’re falling freely. You are so light & glowing.

Open your eyes of intellect and you’re in your desired realm.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Estelle Reality Shifting

Q: I am bad at visualization. How can I execute it perfectly?

We all begin as a novice at anything but slowly we get to know the micros & mini of the subject. You’ll be better with deliberate practice. Also, don’t push yourself much. Accomplish it at your own pace with ease. Try to make it as natural as possible. Meditation can help you rather.

Q: Can I play any song on my playlist?

Though you must cherish the song that you played during the Estelle shifting, try to select a slow song that doesn’t hasten your heartbeats or make an adrenaline rush. You need to be calm & serene.

Q: I did Estelle method one or two times but didn’t attain anything surprising. Did I do it wrongly?

Any shifting method has two relishes, the law of assumption & attraction which takes time to cheer up the realism. You can scan more of them herein. Try to be natural & polite. Do the procedure cordially with a fresh intellect day-to-day.

Q: Do I need to affirm my wish again & again?

No, it’s not mandatory. A few enthusiasts affirm to feel the shift more sensibly but if you’re soothing with the ebb, be that way. No need of any sort of extra push to yourself. Just be there, live the moment.

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