Alice in Wonderland Shifting Method (8 Steps Detailed Guide)

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Alice in the wonderland Shifting method

Alice in Wonderland shifting method is one of the most engaging & prolix reality shifting methods. Explicit visualization is the spinal cord of this method. So, if you’re fairer in imagining your dream realm (DR), this method is for you.

Alice in Wonderland is an easier method to shift to your wishful realism & word-for-word ‘time-travel‘. It has comparatively more steps than most other reality shifting techniques.

Before learning the this shifting method, it is advised to check out: Is Shifting Dangerous? and then move ahead with it.

A Beginners Guide to the Alice in Wonderland Method of Reality Shifting

If you’re a meditative person & more focused on your goal achievement, this technique is an extra horizon for you. Based on our research this method has been used as both awake shifting method and sleep shifting method.

Before attempting the technique, a calm & amicable mind smoothens the process for shifting. This can be achieved with a guided pattern of thinking, a supervised healthful lifestyle, and constant practices.

○ How to Prepare to Perform the Method

The skeletal theory to begin this realm shifting method is more or less the same as other shifting methods. You must be a little tired & sleepy. Serene intellect with relaxed & deep breathing is the turning on soft skills for this method. 

If you’re not able to attain it, start developing healthy habits e.g., walking or practising meditation, or playing with a kid for a few minutes. This calm regime of senses is essential to feel that consensus with your ideal being.

○ Step-by-Step Guide to Perform the Alice in Wonderland Shifting Method

Alice in the wonderland Shifting procedure

You must have a basic shifting script to perform the Alice in Wonderland reality shifting. We’ve escorted the steps for you to drift your current existence to your DR.

1. Lie down on the bed in the most relaxed style on your back. Take calm & deep breaths.

2. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting against a tree. Feel the atmosphere there. Try to feel the streaming soften breeze, the falling leaves, flowers, colors of those flowers.

Is there any cuckoo, sparrow, or any other bird? Are they twittering? Imagine the beauty of the scenery as much as you can. Imagine every element is welcoming & cheering.

3. Now you see a darling person from your DR near the tree you’re seated under. You stand up & step forward to that person & the person starts running. The person’s eyes signal you to follow.

4. You start running after the person. Take your time. It’s not a sprint, no rush. You’re transitioning to your DR unhurriedly.

5. The person jumps into a rabbit hole, you too jump in. Once you jump out, you see a locked door & keys. The person stops, holds your fingers & asks- Are you ready to go? Answer Yes, only if you are ready; otherwise, relax, and take your time. You can also affirm sentences like: I’m transitioning to my dream realmI’m in my wishful being, this is what I always wanted to have/seeThis is my true essence, I adore it. Thank you so much, the heavens.

6. Once you say Yes, the person opens the door for you & welcomes you to a room. The room is filled with aesthetic vibrations & explicit rays. A few persons from your DR are also there to welcome you. You are content & excited.

7. You had a brief interaction with them. You are above the moon, happy & peaceful innately. Now the person takes you to your dream bedroom.

8. Have a glimpse of the room, come near the bed & lie down. Lie down in the exact comfiest posture you started in step 1 & sleep.

If everything is done correctly, you should start feeling shifting symptoms and as it increases, open your eyes to your DR.

Cheers! You have shifted. Live the oneness to your desired being to the pinnacle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will I keep affirming intrinsically throughout the Alice in Wonderland shifting process?

No! You don’t need to affirm continuously. But you must affirm whenever you feel like it. The affirmations are to focus your mind on the process & feel connected. So affirm whenever you feel the slightest distraction or get disconnected.
This is applicable to not just Alice in Wonderland method but to all other methods of reality shifting.

Q: The script of Alice in Wonderland reality shifting is long. Do I need to memorize it?

This isn’t an exam, right! No need to memorize anything. Take it as a script of a spiritual tale & practice it. You’ll soon start to follow every step serially without even much emphasis.

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