Learning the Heartbeat Method for Shifting & Manifestation

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heartbeat method for shifting

Reality Shifting is a concept that has recently been taking over the world by storm. It is akin to a visualized meditation that is guided by the self to explore alternate planes of reality.

There are several reality shifting methods for subconscious adoption of an idea to achieve one’s “Desired Reality“.

Heartbeat method for shifting is quite popular and it involves listening to the rhythmic sound of a beating heart to shift your consciousness to a different reality.

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The Heartbeat Method of Shifting for Beginners

heartbeat method step by step guide

While scripting is important in pillow method of shifting, it is optional in the heartbeat technique. You are free to make a script and go through it to repeatedly everyday to imprint in your mind of what is the reality you desire to experience.

Learn the art of scripting –> Reality Shifting Script (Free 3 page PDF Template)

This is a step-by-step guide of the Heartbeat Method for Reality Shifting:

  1. Prepare for this technique by having an audio with the sound of a beating heart in your phone and make sure that the audio is no longer than 20 minutes. Keep your phone on DND mode.
  2. Next, place your phone with the audio on play underneath your pillow and place your head on top of it. This is meant to create the effect of you sleeping on the chest of a person whose heartbeat you can hear.
  3. Now close your eyes and imagine yourself sleeping in a room with your head on top of a person whom you trust. You can be asleep on top of a bed, couch, or sofa, and the person can be anyone from your desired reality; a fictional or non-fictional character.
  4. After the audio has stopped playing, visualize this person you have sleeping on waking up slowly and leading you to the door with their hand. Once you reach the door, imagine them saying to you, “Are you ready to go home?” as they open it for you.
  5. If you feel like you are ready, you can say yes. If not, keep using positive shifting affirmations to help you get there. Whenever you feel like you are ready, follow them into the room, which will pitch white all over.
  6. Eventually, you will fall yourself falling down from this room. While you fall, keep focusing on your desired reality and keep affirming throughout that you are almost there!

    Once you hit the ground, your vision should go back from pitch white to normal, and you should be able to open your eyes to your dream reality.

FAQs about the Heartbeat Method for Shifting

Faq for heart beat method

Q: Does one need to visualize in the first person or third person?

It can be either; some find visualizing in the first person more helpful and some in the third. It all depends on your personal preference and what works best for you.

Q: What do affirmations do in heartbeat method of shifting?

Affirmation words and sentences automatically bring up mental images of what we wish to manifest and help motivate us. Phrases like “I believe I have the ability to shift”, “I am focused on shifting tonight”, or “I will successfully shift” all work on the same principle of manifesting reality by affirming your thoughts.

Q: How long does the process of heartbeat method of shifting last?

Shifting lasts for as long as you want it to and how you script it to. Anything is possible in your dream reality, and the experience of time is also malleable, meaning that one minute can be experienced as equivalent to one hour in the current reality.

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