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TikTok is brimming with Gen Zers telling fantastical tales of shifting their consciousness to Hogwarts, Marvel, and other desired realities, or “DR” for short.

Your desired reality is exactly what it sounds like: the place and time where you most want to exist. You can contrast your DR with your current reality, or “CR”.

The theory goes that it is a big multiverse, and everything happens somewhere. That means you can shift to any place you can imagine, even a fictional location.

This post is going to share some popular desired realities to which you can shift. But first, let’s go over some basic how-to info.

How Reality Shifting Works

There are many different reality shifting methods. But at its core, reality shifting simply entails willing yourself to your desired reality. 

A basic shift might work like this:

1. Close your eyes in a peaceful moment when you have some time to yourself.

2. Focus on your intention to shift to your DR.

3. Know that you will soon be in your desired reality. You can go a step further and know you are there already.

4. When you start feeling symptoms of shifting, you are getting close.

5. Open your eyes. You will be in your desired reality. You can return to your CR whenever you want.

Why Scripting Your Desired Reality is Important

shifting script for desired reality

Before you try to shift, you will want to take the time to “script” your desired reality. Scripting simply means outlining all the specifics for your DR, like:

  • Where you live
  • How old are you
  • Who your family and friends are
  • How you meet your friends
  • What your home is like 
  • Etc.

Many shifters find it helpful to write down their shifting script with a template.  Check out our free shifting script templates with in depth explanation on how to script.

What It Feels Like to Shift to Desired Reality

People who shift realities report that being in their DR feels just the same as being in their CR. Everything feels solid, real, and detailed—not hazy or amorphous like a dream. 

You can control a lot about your desired reality by scripting out what you want. But many people who shift report that they do not have full control over every single element of their DR once they arrive.

Other people there behave like real people with their own fears, desires and choices. In that sense, it is different from a dream. But this is part of what makes it real.

Check of some of the shifting stories to understand others experiences.

How Time Works With Reality Shifting

How time works in desired reality

You may be wondering if you can “pause” your DR when you leave it, and then “un-pause” it when you return so you did not miss out on anything while you were in your CR.

You do not need to worry about pausing and un-pausing at all. Simply build it into your script when you return to your DR that you will arrive at the exact moment you left.  

You can also script for as much time or as little time as you want to pass in your current reality while you are in your desired reality.

Just as you can script the moment you will arrive in your DR, you can script the moment you will return to your CR. You could even specify that it is 1 minute after you left. 

What are Some Popular Desired Realities to Shift To?

Anywhere you can dream of visiting or living, you can shift to. Below are some of the most popular destinations for reality shifters to go and live their perfect lives.

1. Hogwarts

hogwarts desired reality

The most popular desired reality to shift to is undoubtedly Hogwarts.

If you dream of attending wizarding classes with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Draco and the rest, put together a Hogwarts shifting script and try out some methods for shifting to Hogwarts

2. Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Suppose you want to join the Avengers or experience another part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In that case, you are not alone—this is easily the second most popular reality shifting destination, right behind Hogwarts.

You can even bring your friends to be part of the Avengers right alongside you. Find out how group shifting lets you and your friends shift together to the same desired reality for a shared adventure.

You can group shift not only to MCU, but also to Hogwarts, MHA, or anywhere else you want. 

3. My Hero Academia (MHA)

Another top destination for reality shifting is the manga/anime series universe My Hero Academia (MHA). Develop your quirk and hang out with your buddies at UA High. 

You may find it extra easy to shift to MHA with the fantastic UA Dorm Ambience MHA Shifting Subliminal by Kween subs on Youtube.  

4. Stranger Things               

If you want to help protect Hawkins, Indiana, from the threat of the Upside-Down alongside Dustin, Lucas, Will, Mike, Eleven and the rest, you can try shifting to Stranger Things.

In fact, there is a perfect method for shifting to Stranger Things called the Eleven Method. As you probably guessed, it involves playing white noise and focusing with your eyes closed.

Since this method works for Eleven to see into other locations—including the Upside-Down—it is the perfect transition into her universe. 

5. Naruto

Naruto Desired reality

Naruto is another popular manga/anime-based DR to which you can shift, where you can join Naruto Uzumaki as he strives to become the village’s greatest Hokage.

You, too, can become a highly-regarded ninja if you simply script it to happen before you shift to Naruto.

6. Genshin Impact

Players who cannot get enough of the action RPG Genshin Impact may dream about living there full-time. If that describes you, you could simply shift to Teyvat and explore its open world for yourself in a way that would never be possible on a screen.

While you can use any technique you want to shift to Genshin Impact, it could be particularly fun and effective to use the sleep method that involves going through a screen as a portal in a lucid dream.

You could start out having a lucid dream of playing Genshin Impact and then simply pass through the screen as your shift to your DR.

7. Undertale

Another video game we see a lot of people shifting to is Undertale. The world of Undertale is not quite as popular as Genshin Impact for shifting, but it is notable enough to make this list. 

You might be wondering whether it is safe to shift to a reality like a video game where there is combat and danger. Thankfully, reality shifting is completely safe. Remember, you can script out everything that will happen, and you can return to your body at any time. 

8. Your Favorite K-Pop Band (or Any Band)

K pop Ban desired reality

Another popular DR is any universe in which you can be a member of your favourite K-pop band—or any other band, for that matter. While K-pop is most popular, you can shift into literally any band you want, no matter the genre.

One great way to shift into your favourite band is to use a variation on the Piano Method. But instead of playing the piano all by yourself up on stage in the visualization, you can substitute performing with the instrument you want to be playing in your favourite band.

You can then script a member of the band to meet you at the end and walk you through the door to the universe, where you get to play together.

9. Hazbin Hotel

The animated black comedy series Hazbin Hotel has been a big hit since the pilot was released in 2019. By shifting to Hazbin Hotel, you too can experience what it is like to be at Happy Hotel.

While we are talking about Hazbin Hotel, we want to take a moment to emphasize that you can shift to animated universes. Not only that, but you can script how you want each world to appear.

You could be an animated person in an animated universe, or you could script everything to appear more “realistic” like our world.

10. Steven Universe

One more fictional DR to make our list of top desired realities is Steven Universe. The wholesome, welcoming, diverse world of Steven Universe is a wonderful place to go to escape from everyday life and surround yourself with animated friends. 

You could consider using crystals to aid you in shifting to Steven Universe since that might help get you into the right mindset to join the Crystal Gems in your DR. Think about putting a garnet, an amethyst and a pearl under your pillow, then lying down to shift.

11. Your Perfect Life

your perfect life desired reality

Above, we shared some of the most popular fictional desired realities for shifting. But there are other types of DRs that are popular as well. Many shifters like to create their own desired reality, dreaming up their perfect life.

Maybe that perfect life is just a little bit removed from your own, similar in most respects, but with a few key differences. Or maybe your perfect life is dramatically different from your current reality.

Either way, all you need to do is script out your dream life, close your eyes, and shift there.

12. Anywhere You Want

Finally, there is no reason to limit yourself when it comes to reality shifting. Whether it is a fictional universe, your own original universe you created for a story or a game, a more ideal version of your current reality, or anything else you can imagine, reality shifting can take you there. 

You can join online communities to find out where others are shifting to get some ideas. Wearing reality shifting symbol clothing and accessories can also help you meet shifters in your local area. 

Tips for Successfully Shifting to Your Desired Reality

tips for successful shifting

As we mentioned previously, reality shifting is simple, but doing it successfully for the first time may involve some repeated attempts. That is totally normal.

Check out these  shifting tips that can help you shift smoothly and easily include scripting everything in advance and shifting to a waiting room before you shift to your DR.  

You can also try using subliminals to boost your confidence in your ability to shift and increase your confidence by using affirmations for shifting.

Use the Law of Assumption when you shift. One of the most effective ways to shift to your DR is to believe you are there already.

Use any method you want to shift—whatever feels right to you. Feel free to modify methods all you want to suit your needs. You also can shift without using any method at all. This process is about belief and intention, not specific steps. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Desired Realities

You probably have a lot of questions about how desired realities work and what you can expect when you arrive in your DR. Let’s answer some of those questions now. 

Q: Can you have more than one desired reality?

A: Yes, you can have as many desired realities as you want. There is no limit to how many DRs you can visit. You could even set up your waiting room using our waiting room ideas to feature multiple doors, each leading to a different DR.

Your DR can be something someone else made up or something you made up from scratch. 

Q: How long can you stay in your desired reality?

A: You may stay in your desired reality for as long as you want. Any length of time is fine. In fact, you could even stay there forever if you wanted. 

When you are ready, the easiest and fastest way to return to your CR from your DR is to script a simple action or word you speak to make it happen. Just make it so that word or gesture will automatically send you back right away.

Q: Can you talk, eat, etc. in your desired reality?

 A: Yes, you can talk in your DR. It will feel the same as talking in your CR ordinarily does. You also can eat in your DR. There may even be opportunities to try amazing foods that are not available to eat in your CR. 

You might be asking questions like these if you are someone who has a difficult time talking or eating in your dreams. But shifting realities is not dreaming; it is visiting another universe.

Q: Can you die in your desired reality?

A: Hypothetically, yes, if you do not script it to be otherwise, you can die in your DR. That said, dying in your desired reality is like dying in a video game. Nothing bad will happen to you.

You will just suddenly find yourself in your CR, wide awake, as if you woke up from a dream. If you are worried about feeling pain in your DR, script it so that you cannot feel pain while you are there. 

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