Art of Pillow Method Shifting Reality (Best Beginner method)

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Pillow method for Shifting

“The map of what we call reality is an ever-shifting mosaic of ideas”- Marcelo Glaiser

Among the numerous reality shifting methods used by people to “shift reality” or move their consciousness beyond the physical reality, the Pillow Method is claimed by many to be the easiest and very effective manifestation technique.

The Pillow method shifting relies heavily on setting an intention on paper, repeating those affirmations before sleeping, and then delving into the world of imagination.

Clarity, belief, and maintaining a positive mindset throughout this process are key. While the other methods may not require a physical script with a structured plan for the shifting process, having your intentions scripted is a must in the pillow method.

Learn the art of scripting –> Shifting Script Template (Free 3 page PDF)

Before understand the Pillow Method, it is advised to check out: Is Shifting Dangerous? Misconceptions answered. We also discuss some very important FAQ’s regarding pillow method at the bottom of the post.

Pillow Method Shifting Reality: Beginner’s Guide

The key is to be mindful of your intention throughout the process and maintain a keen focus on what you are manifesting. 

Pillow method is a sleep shifting method. You should be able to wake up in your desired reality (DR) after you fall asleep.

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Art of Pillow Method Shifting Reality (Best Beginner method)

○ Prerequisites: Beginning with a clean slate!

Clear mind before reality shifting

Many practitioners of the pillow method, the raven method, etc, use mindfulness tips to decompress before they use any of these induction methods. Check out shifting tips for more detailed guidance if you are a beginner.

Some find that meditating beforehand or doing yoga helps incredibly well in calming the mind for an enhanced experience. Deep breathing and listening to soothing sounds are other great ways to calm a turbulent mind.

Remember that shifting one’s consciousness is not going to be easy if one’s mind is disturbed by any negativity or pressing thoughts. 

Also, it is said that while performing this method is not entirely necessary only at night; however, it does work best before sleeping since the mind is already winding down from a busy day.

Having a relaxed and fresh state of mind before shifting always helps because the shifting affirmations are more effective, and the meditative technique is more fruitful.

○ Step by Step Guide on How to perform the Pillow Shifting Method

The Pillow shifting method has pretty convenient and straightforward guidelines that can easily be followed by anyone who is just beginning their journey of shifting.

It involves writing down your intention of what to do in your desired reality and affirmations to assist you on your journey.

  1. Firstly, you will need to prepare a physical, nuanced script of what you want to manifest in your desired reality. This includes writing details for all our sensory experiences, what we wish to see, feel, smell, etc. The more detailed the script, the more vivid and real your shifting process will be.
  2. Next, place this script underneath your pillow before you lie down to shift. This is the most important part of this whole technique. You can also place crystals along with it to increase your vibrational energy during the process.
  3. You can play subliminal sounds or binaural beats in the background to enhance your focus and reduce any anxiety you have before beginning. It’s important for the mind to be as relaxed as possible to easily enter into a meditative state.
  4. Now, as you fall asleep, visualize your DR and all the things about it that you have mentioned in your script. Keep focusing on what you want to see and fall asleep in such a state of mind. You should be able to shift your consciousness to your DR self when you wake up inside your sleep.
  5. Also, positive affirmations can be a part of the script which you prepare for reality shifting. You can speak these out or make a mental note of them as you navigate the process of shifting.

People also include “safe words” in their scripts for them to not have any unpleasant incidents in their dreams or for them to return to their current reality if they wish to.

> Why is Pillow Method Famous?

The shifting pillow method has been the most popular method chosen by beginners simply because of how easy it is. Whether one has experience with meditative techniques or not, the pillow shifting method is direct enough to be performed by everyone.

Having a detailed script of what one wishes to experience in their desired reality and focusing on the process with a positive mindset is important for it to be fruitful.

The Pillow Method and Law of Attraction

pillow method and law of attraction

The Pillow shifting method works in close alignment with the law of attraction as its driving principle. By visualizing our DR on paper beforehand and setting the intent of our manifestation, reality shifting works on the very same premise that the law of attraction follows.

In this case, believing in the outcome wholeheartedly before it actually happens makes us more likely to manifest exactly what we have in mind. 

So if one was to believe that they have shifted already or will do so as and when they plan to, the chances are that they will shift to their desired reality.

Difference between Pillow Method Manifestation and Shifting

As mentioned previously, the law of attraction and shifting go hand in hand. But they work in 2 different realities. Manifestation happens in current reality, but shifting happens in different reality.

Pillow method manifestation is more about manifesting what you want in your current reality by sending a signal to your subconscious before you sleep.

But the Pillow method shifting is more about shifting your reality to a different one. In this, you are telling your subconscious where you want to go after you are asleep. Based on how well the script is embedded into your subconscious, the experience will happen.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pillow Method Shifting

Q: Does the pillow method actually work?

A: The pillow method is one of the first shifting techniques popularised due to its ease. Many people have successfully shifted using this method. Even before shifting was a thing, pillow method manifestation was quite popular.

You can also check various shifting stories to understand what different people experienced during their shifting experiences.

Q: Can I put the script on my phone or tablet?

A: If you feel you will be more comfortable doing it that way, feel free to go ahead. The primary reason a physical script is suggested is that it would not have any distractions when you read the script. 

If you want to use your phone or tablet, make sure to turn off all the notifications and every other form of distraction when reading the script.

Further, you don’t need to put the phone under your pillow as that would not be healthy. Just place it aside after done.

Q: What position do you lay down for the pillow method?

A: You can lay down in any position you are comfortable in. 

Q: Can I use crystals to support the shifting process further?

A: Yes, you can use crystals for shifting to your DR. You can place the appropriate crystals under the pillow along with your physical script for positivity and protection during the whole process.

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