Lucid Dream Method Shifting: Open Portal to Your DR (3 Ways)

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Lucid Dream Method Shifting portals

While we tend to think of altered states of consciousness as exotic, we enter them on a nightly basis when we dream.

This may make you wonder whether it is possible to use lucid dreaming as a means to shift to your desired reality (DR). The answer is “yes!” Read further to understand how lucid dream method shifting works.

This method can also be used as a portal through which one can initiate other shifting methods.

Lucid Dreaming Can Open a Portal to Your DR

A lot of the time, when we dream, we are not lucid. We do not know we are dreaming and have limited or no conscious control over our actions in our dreams.

Lucidity is a state where you have obtained that conscious control, but you are still dreaming. You can choose how you interact with your dream world, which lets you shape your dream experience into a transition to your DR.

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Lucid Dream Method Shifting: Open Portal to Your DR (3 Ways)

What is great about this method is that even while lucid, the dream world often will continue to look and feel astonishingly lifelike. In this state, it may be easy for you to suspend your disbelief about entering your DR. 

Techniques for Inducing Lucid Dreaming

If you are already an avid lucid dreamer, you can skip this section and jump down to the next one. But if you have never experienced lucid dreaming before or do not know how to do so reliably, then you will need a technique to get you there. Here are some popular methods you can use:

  • FILD – Finger Induced Lucid Dreaming
  • MILD – Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams
  • WILD – Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream
  • WBTB – Wake Back To Bed
  • Reality Testing

Check out how train your brain to lucid dream to get clear idea on how to induce these states.

Just knowing you can lucid dream and really ingraining that truth in your unconscious can also go a long way toward making it happen. Consider adding some lucid dreaming affirmations to your regular shifting affirmations each day.

How to Reality Shift Once You are Lucid Dreaming

Reality Shift Once You are Lucid Dreaming using Portals

Once you are able to lucid dream, you can proceed to shift to your DR. There are several different ways you can approach this process. Go with whichever one feels most intuitive and accessible to you.

○ Method #1: Portal

The simplest and most straightforward way to shift while lucid dreaming is simply to create or pass through a portal.

For example, when you become lucid, look around you. Do you see a door in your dream world? Affirm that when you walk through the door, you will be in your DR, and then do so. 

If you do not see a portal (or not one that looks and feels suitable), then try creating your own and walking through it. 

○ Method #2: TV Screen

This method is a variation of the portal method. But instead of using a simple portal or doorway, you use multimedia in your dream environment. For example:

  • A TV or computer screen
  • A book

So, for instance, let’s say you want to shift to the wizarding world of Hogwarts. Simply play an Harry Potter movie in your dream and start watching. You will probably automatically enter the film. Just make sure you have set your intent to shift to Hogwarts and not simply dream about it. 

○ Method #3: Create Your DR Scenario

Finally, here is a method that is a bit more elaborate than the two above, but which some shifters prefer. We recommend it for advanced lucid dreamers.

1. When you become lucid, start making wholesale changes to your dream world. What you are trying to do is reshape your dream world into a semblance of your DR. Having a proper shifting script inscribed into the mind would be helpful for this method.

Important: Make sure you abide by the rules of your DR universe! I.e. if you cannot levitate in that universe, do not do so in your dream. 

2. Now, try to live out a scenario in your lucid dream that is part of your DR.

Now, one of two outcomes is possible:

  • Either you shift immediately, or …
  • You do not, and wake up in your CR later.

If the latter happens, do not be discouraged—this is normal. In this case, follow these additional steps:

3. Say an affirmation like: “I just dreamed of a future event in my DR. I am on my way home.” Regularly say this affirmation to yourself throughout the day, and know that it is true.

4. Rinse and repeat. Carry out the steps above again and again. As you do, your unconscious mind will become more and more aligned with your DR. Eventually, you will shift. 

FAQ about Lucid Dream Method Shifting

Q: Why isn’t it working?

A: The single biggest obstacle most shifters face is suspending disbelief in their ability to shift. This issue may actually be exacerbated in some cases while dreaming. Our associative minds immediately translate our thoughts into dream imagery, even while lucid. 

So, a common error might be opening a portal in your dream with the thought (verbalized or not), “I am trying to get to my DR.”

If you think like this, you will not get to your DR! You will instead just generate a dream about trying to get there. 
You must believe on a deep level that the portal will take you to your DR. To train up your belief muscles, we recommend using the shifting affirmations we linked earlier in accordance with the Law of Assumption.

Q: Is reality shifting the same as lucid dreaming?

A: No, reality shifting is not the same as lucid dreaming. Both are altered states of consciousness, but reality shifting is about literally sending your consciousness to another world.

Now, you might be able to achieve that while you are lucid dreaming. But there are also non sleep shifting methods.

Q: Is lucid dreaming easier or harder than shifting?

A: That depends on who you ask. A lot of people will tell you that lucid dreaming is harder than shifting. But for others, lucid dreaming comes naturally and effortlessly. So, your mileage may vary. The important thing to know is that both are trainable skills. You can do this.

Q: How lucid do I have to be?

A: One nuance of lucid dreaming shifting that is frequently overlooked is that lucidity is not a 1 or a 0. It can come in degrees. You might be 100% aware you are dreaming with total control over your dream, or you could know you are dreaming but not have full control.

You also might sometimes have partial control but not know who you are or that you are dreaming.
You do not have to have 100% perfect lucidity to succeed. You can shift even with low lucidity if you have the unconscious intent to shift. 

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