Discover ADHD Method for Reality Shifting (Detailed Guide)

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ADHD Method for Reality Shifting

Some people have a difficult time staying focused when they are attempting to shift to their desired reality (DR).

If that describes you, out of all the reality shifting methods, there is one that might help and it is the ADHD Method, which makes use of 8D audio to help you concentrate.

Before learning the ADHD Shifting Method, it is advised to check out: Is Shifting Dangerous? Misconceptions Answered and then move ahead with it.

A Beginner’s Guide to the ADHD Method for Reality Shifting

In this guide, you will learn how to use this method step-by-step. We will also answer some questions you may have. But first, let’s go over how you can get ready to try the ADHD Method Shifting. 

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Discover ADHD Method for Reality Shifting (Detailed Guide)

○ How to Prepare to Perform the ADHD Method

First, make sure you are in an environment that will not distract you. You are looking to transport yourself into another reality. So, the last thing you need is sensory input from this one pulling you back.

If necessary, read your shifting script before starting the practice. Make sure to check out shifting tips if you are just a beginner.

Once you have a calm, quiet, distraction-free environment, think about a few minutes of meditating or gentle exercise to relax your body and mind. Then, proceed with the steps below.

○ Step-by-Step Guide to Perform the ADHD Method

ADHD Shifting Method guide

1. Get set up. You are going to need to be able to lie down with headphones on. So, move your laptop or mobile device to where you can do that.

2. Look online for 8D audio tracks. You can pick anything you desire. It could be music, white noise, ambient noise, etc. Put on the track, set it to loop if necessary, and put your headphones on.

3. Choose an affirmation. It can be anything you want. Ideas might include “I am shifting to my desired reality,” or “I am now in my desired reality.” You can also pick multiple shifting affirmations if that is what you prefer.

4. Lie down in a comfortable position.

5. Focus on the audio. Hopefully, you will find this easy, even if you often have a hard time concentrating (see the FAQ for more information).

6. Consider syncing your breathing to the audio movements, inhaling and exhaling as the sound revolves around you.

7. Start counting upward with each of your breaths.

8. At intervals of 5 (or whatever you prefer), repeat your affirmations. You can say them just once, or you can repeat them several times if you like.

9. Eventually, you should start to feel symptoms that suggest you are shifting successfully. You could experience vibrations, or you might see a flash of light, or your limbs might twitch, or so forth.

10. Begin to visualize your desired reality in full, vivid detail, incorporating what all of your senses perceive.

11. Whenever you feel ready, you may open your eyes and wake within your desired reality.

Frequently Asked Questions about the ADHD Shifting Method

Q: Is this the same as the Chaotic Shifting Method?

No. The Chaotic Shifting Method may sound related, but it is an entirely different reality shifting technique.

Q: Why is it called the ADHD Method?

A: The ADHD Method makes use of 8D audio. People with ADHD sometimes listen to 8D audio to help them focus.

Research says that music genres like binaural beats or 8D can be considered to reduce types of ADHD symptoms.

Q: Do I have to do all the steps?

No, you do not need to do all the steps. In fact, you will sometimes find versions of this method written down that do not include references to the counting or breathing, just listening to the sounds.

The steps above are the most comprehensive version of this shifting method we could find. With the full instructions, you can pick and choose what works for you.
If you find a simpler alternative with just listening is better, then go for it. You can always tailor any shifting method to suit your personality and goals.

Q: It isn’t working. What am I doing wrong?

Try varying the method as discussed above, adding or removing steps. You might also try listening to a different audio track to see if that makes a difference. Make sure you are giving yourself the right cues for the state of mind you are trying to achieve.

Q: How do I use the ADHD Method for reality shifting for manifestation?

A: Like other reality shifting methods, the goal of the ADHD Method is to bring you to your desired reality. While you are there, you will be intently visualizing every detail and also shifting your mindset.

Focusing on your desired reality in this way helps evoke the Law of Attraction to manifest your DR in waking life. Entering the mindset you would have if the reality you desire for your future is here in your present also helps you to “assume” you will manifest it.

If you can sustain that mindset day in and day out, you will “harden it into fact” according to the Law of Assumption.

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