Mastering the Raven Method for Shifting & Manifestation

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Since consciousness is the basis of all reality, any shift in consciousness changes every aspect of our reality“- Deepak Chopra.

In the rapidly becoming widespread phenomenon of Reality Shifting, the Raven Method for shifting has been touted to be the most straightforward and effective by many. It is one of the reality shifting methods to shift to your desired reality.

While some consider shifting to be lucid dreaming, others believe it to be a complete and valid experience in itself. Whatever the case might be, reality shifting assists in directing our consciousness to our desired place of being.

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The Raven Technique for Beginners

Star Fish Position for Raven Method - Copy

The following are important pointers to note while employing the Raven Method for shifting from your current reality to your desired reality.

  1. Before starting this method, make sure you are slightly tired or in the mood to relax and rest. Clarity of mind is essential for this or for any other reality shifting method to be effective. You can try doing yoga and meditation for the same.
  2. Begin by lying down in a starfish position. Make sure all your limbs are spread out and not touching one another. As always, it helps to make sure that your mind is in a good place and your body is not tense when you attempt to use any meditative technique like this one.
  3. Next, with your eyes closed, start counting from 0 to 100. This is the key proponent of this method. While counting, you can say shifting affirmations like “I am shifting” or “I can shift” in between.
  4. While you are counting and affirming your desired reality, keep visualizing it in your head during the entire process.
  5. Once you’ve reached 100, you should have shifted to your desired reality as planned. If not, it’s advisable to repeat the counting gain from scratch as many times as it takes to shift successfully.

Learn the art of scripting –> Shifting Script (Free 3 page PDF Template)

Apart from these steps, bear in mind that having a mental image of what you plan to see and experience in your desired reality is always most helpful.

You can even couple the Raven Method with the Pillow Method and place a physical script beneath your pillow while counting and manifesting.

Also, many people advocate having subliminal sounds or ASMR in the background during shifting is helpful to maintain concentration. Counting, visualization, and continual affirmation all combine to make this a powerful “guided meditation” for shifting.

The result is a sort of self-induced hypnosis that can help you transcend your physical environment in your mind’s eye.

Sensory Experience During Reality Shifting

Raven Method for Shifting

The experience of transitioning from one universe or reality to another is likely to look different for everyone. However, certain sensations are common to people engaging in reality shifting.

Feeling a tingling sensation, heavy or light-headed, numb, and weightless are a few of the shifting symptoms experienced. Some people also report feeling jittery, having twitches all over their body, and experiencing shortness of breath.

Having feelings of nostalgia, excitement, seeing different forms of light, and even hearing buzzing sounds are commonly reported. It is also possible to see the same number sequences or “angel numbers” before one delves into their desired reality.

Some Extra Pro Tips for Successful Shifting

These are a few extra tips that can help assist your shifting journey:

  • Drink a lot of water before you begin using any reality shifting method. Apart from keeping you hydrated, water is also said to help raise one’s vibrations naturally, which is always helpful during shifting.
  • Take frequent breaks between your attempts to shift. Reality shifting can be a mentally exhausting experience if done repeatedly without enough breaks. It is best to do it with at least a day or two days gap in between so as to not drain yourself completely.
  • Stay positive! The more negative you are about yourself and your ability to shift, the more difficulty you will find in being able to reach your goal.
  • Check shifting tips for more in-depth guide.

Remember not to obsess over the whole exercise and just have fun with the process of shifting. The idea of reality shifting is to de-stress and have an enjoyable experience by being in your desired reality.

The more you let go of your limiting beliefs, the easier it is to move your consciousness however you like.

Good Luck and happy shifting!

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