A Detailed Guide to Sunni Method of Reality Shifting

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Sunni Method of Reality Shifting

If you want to experience reality shifting, one option is to try the Sunni Method. Compared to other Reality Shifting techniques, Sunni Method shifting is very powerful technique based on visualization and “tricking” your brain. 

Because visualizing is literally the core component of the this method, it is highly compatible with your efforts toward manifestation.

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Sunni Method of Reality Shifting

This guide is going to teach you how you can practice the Sunni Method yourself. We will go over step-by-step directions, an example, and more. To begin, let’s talk about how to prepare for this method. 

○ How to Prepare to Perform the Sunni Method Shifting

Getting ready for the Sunni Method involves the same basic shifting tips as any other reality shifting technique you might try. That means choosing a time when you will not be disturbed and making your environment peaceful and non-distracting. It also might entail taking a few minutes to meditate before you begin.

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○ Step-by-Step Guide to Perform the Sunni Method

1. Lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

2. Imagine that you are now in your desired reality (DR). Visualize it in the fullest possible sensory detail. 

3. Now, take it a step further. Try and persuade yourself that you literally are in your DR. Think for a moment about this. With your eyes closed, you have limited sensory input from your physical environment. Your brain uses that input to construct an image of where you are. But that image is just that—an image.

That means you can change it, using the same sensory input to construct a different image. You can fool your brain into thinking you are somewhere else.

Here is a simple experiment to try: Pick a random night this week, and move your pillow to the opposite end of the bed. Lay down with your head on your pillow and go to sleep.

When you wake up in the morning, don’t open your eyes immediately. You will probably fleetingly picture yourself—and believe yourself—to be sleeping in your usual orientation. Then the moment of disorientation will pass, and you will realize you are lying the other way around. 

You are trying to deliberately create this kind of disorientation when you do the Sunni Method for reality shifting. If you get to be skilled at it, it can be very convincing. 

4. Once you have convinced your brain you are in your DR, say your shifting affirmations (for example, “I am in my desired reality”). You can do this before or after you start feeling symptoms.

5. Open your eyes when you are ready. 

With many reality shifting techniques, you do your affirmations to “shift,” and then visualize. With the Sunni Method, you switch the order around. You use the visualizing itself to launch the shifting process and then engage your affirmations to complete it.

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○ An Example of the Sunni Method

sunni method of shifting guide

Let’s give an example of the Sunni Method at work. Say that you want to live next to the sea in a beautiful beach house. 

Try putting on some white noise featuring the sounds of the surf crashing on a shore. Then, lay down and close your eyes.

Believe that the noise you are listening to is the real ocean. Persuade your brain that you truly are next to the sea. Now, picture the details of your bedroom in your beach house, and smell the brine in the air. 

Then say your affirmation: “I am in my bed in my beach house, listening to the waves crashing. I am peaceful and relaxed.” 

You can open your eyes after you feel the symptoms of shifting, whether in the dream world or the waking world.

How Sunni Method Pairs Perfectly With the Law of Assumption for Manifestation 

The Sunni Method is the perfect choice for manifesting because it is focused almost entirely on intense visualization and on adjusting your mindset.

The Law of Assumption says that if we practice assuming that we will manifest what we desire, it will harden into fact.

Tricking your mind into believing and behaving as if you have what you want and persisting in that mindset is a key element of making the Law of Assumption work for you.

That is precisely what you are practicing with the Sunni Method for reality shifting.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sunni Method for Reality Shifting

Q: What are some examples of how to “trick your mind?” 

A: A simple example would be lying down in your bedroom, turning on an ambiance with nature sounds, and telling your mind that the sounds you are hearing are really outdoor noises. 

Q: Do you need to do the Sunni Method only at bedtime or regularly throughout the day? 

A: Like many other methods for reality shifting, there are multiple variations on the Sunni Method. Some versions recommend simply practicing it at bedtime. Others suggest doing it for half a minute or so every half hour during the day, and then again before sleep. It is totally up to you. 

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