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Science Behind Shifting Realities

On TikTok, YouTube and Reddit, thousands of people share their stories about reality shifting. According to their viral videos and posts, they can close their eyes and open them to a literal new reality, travelling to places like the Hogwarts universe. 

You might be asking, “Is reality shifting real?” This is not an area where science can tell us a lot yet, but you may be surprised by just how much research there has already been into reality shifting and related concepts. 

The CIA Has Studied Shifting Reality

What many people would never guess is that the US government itself has researched reality shifting. It all started when a radio executive named Robert Monroe began researching how sound patterns impact consciousness in the 1950s.

Eventually, he renamed his research program “The Monroe Institute.” His book Journeys Out of the Body in 1971 is the one that familiarized the public with out-of-body experiences (OBEs).

The government took an interest just a year later in Monroe’s work, in part because intelligence suggested the Soviets were looking into ESP. This led the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to start researching Monroe’s “Gateway Process,” also called the “Gateway Experience.”

What Was the Gateway Process?

Gateway Process for reality shifting

The US Army Operational Group Commander charged Lieutenant Colonel Wayne M. McDonnell with researching classical physics, quantum mechanics, and consciousness. He published his findings in a now-famous report titled “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process.” You can read the report in its entirety here.

This paper summarises the techniques used to create the altered state of consciousness referred to as the “Gateway Experience.” These include hypnosis, transcendental meditation, biofeedback, binaural sounds, affirmations and subliminals. Sound familiar?

While there are many different methods for reality shifting, a lot of those techniques are exactly the same ones used by modern-day reality shifters. 

McDonnell ultimately concluded that these techniques do not just alter consciousness. They could liberate us entirely from the cage of space and time as we know it. 

Shifting Techniques are Accessible to All

Discovering the Gateway Experience and Monroe Institute can stir up a lot of excitement—but it may feel a little intimidating too. That CIA document is fascinating, but it is also a pretty dense read.

It is important to know that despite how technical that document gets, reality shifting itself relies on ordinary, everyday methods that anyone can carry out.

This research explains that we enter “trances” more often than many of us acknowledge, for example, when we read a book and lose track of our surroundings. The article defines hypnosis as “a waking state of awareness, (or consciousness), in which a person’s attention is detached from his or her immediate environment and is absorbed by inner experiences.”

Self-hypnosis is not all that difficult. This article in the Guardian describes a process that involves relaxation, affirmations, visualization, and acting “as if” one’s desired reality is already present.

If this sounds familiar, it is probably because you are familiar with the Law of Assumption, which states that if we assume something is true, it must “harden into fact.”

More Science Behind Shifting Realities: The Many Worlds Interpretation

Quantum Superposition

Reality shifting begins as an inner journey, where you chart a course through your imagination, intentions, and focus to your desired reality (DR). But most shifters do not believe that journey ends internally. They believe they literally can arrive at their DR.

This belief is compatible with an interpretation of quantum mechanics known as the “many-worlds interpretation,” initially suggested in 1957 by Hugh Everett, and later brought to greater public attention by Bryce DeWitt in the 1970s. Today, the concept is familiar to many of us through references in books, video games, movies and shows.

Many people are familiar with Schrödinger’s cat, the thought experiment in which a kind of quantum cat is “alive and dead” until a privileged observer sees the cat, at which point it is alive or dead. 

Physicists will often tell you that quantum mechanics apply only to the micro world and not the macro world—that something like the fate of an actual cat is ruled over by classical physics, not quantum physics.

But those who believe in the many worlds interpretation believe that cats, human beings, planets, stars, and everything else experience quantum destinies. At points where things can unfold two ways, they do: in one universe, the cat lives. In another, it dies.

In short, we could live in a multiverse. If we do, our desired realities may truly be out there somewhere—and we already live in them.

What is a Quantum Superposition?

There is a concept in quantum mechanics called “quantum superposition.” It essentially states that a quantum system may exist simultaneously in multiple quantum states (i.e. Schrodinger’s cat being alive and dead).

In theory, such a state “collapses” upon observation: but only in the consciousness of the observer in this particular world. If the cat dies here, in another world, its life continues.

Imagine if you could expand your consciousness to encompass multiple quantum states. Reality shifting could be a way of doing just that—of achieving a superpositioned awareness wherein, you are simultaneously experiencing this life and the life where you truly inhabit your DR. 

Give Reality Shifting a Try

You do not need CIA financing and a dedicated lab to try reality shifting yourself. You can do it right here, right now, with nothing more than your own brain, body, belief, and intention.

To get started, take a look at these reality shifting tips for beginners. You may also want to give some of these non-sleep shifting methods a try or these methods that do not require visualization.

Whatever your needs and whatever desired reality you want to shift to, you can find techniques that will work for you. See our full collection of reality shifting resources to discover even more methods and advice. Enjoy pushing the boundaries of your consciousness and coming home to your DR. 

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