A Detailed Guide to Cinn’s Method of Reality Shifting

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cinns method shifting

The Cinn’s Method for reality shifting is a technique combining relaxed breathing, counting, affirmations, and description to focus your intent and reach your desired reality. This method is named after its creator, Cinnamon tea on Amino.

This post will walk you through the method step-by-step and answer some questions many shifters ask about it.

As a non-sleep method for shifting, you can use Cinn’s during any time of day to shift. But you can also use it as a sleep method if that is your preference. 

Scripting and Preparing for the Cinn’s Method

During the Cinn’s Method, you are going to be reciting affirmations that describe your life in your desired reality(DR). That means that before you attempt to shift, you need to do some preparation.

As you write your shifting script, plan affirmations that you will say as you are shifting. They should be things like:

  • My name is _______.
  • I am [age], and look like [appearance]. 
  • I live with [persons/pets] in [location].
  • My room looks like [description]. 
  • My favourite room in my home is ____. It looks like [description].
  • [Person] is my [family/friend]. We met by ____ and currently ____.
  • Etc.

The more detail you can go into, the better.

Why The Cinn’s Method May Work Well to Shift to Your Waiting Room

waiting room for cinns method

We especially recommend the Cinn’s Method for shifting to your waiting room (WR). The reason is that it is easy to describe your WR and shift to it using this method once you know what it looks like.

You only need to do the prep work one time. After that, it should be a simple routine to shift to your WR over and over.

If you do not yet have a waiting room, take a look at these shifting waiting room ideas to design your own. 

Step-by-Step Guide to the Cinn’s Method Shifting

Below are the steps for Cinn’s method for shifting. You will notice there are a lot of them, but try not to feel daunted. The method is pretty easy and straightforward once you read through it. 

1. Lie down in a comfortable position.

2. Put on your subliminals.

3. Relax your body. Cinn suggests you focus on one body part at a time, fully releasing your tension.

4. Relax your mind. Let go of your thoughts and concerns about your current reality(CR).

5. Begin a slow count toward 100. Inhale and exhale. Count on your inhalations. So, breathe in and think “1,” then exhale. Breathe in and think “2,” then exhale, etc.

6. On the tenth count, pause your counting and recite your basic affirmations about your name, where you live, your age, and who you live with.

7. Resume counting upward again.

8. Pause when you reach 20. Now, describe your appearance in detail in your DR.

9. Resume counting. 

cinns method counting

10. Pause when you reach 30. Describe your family in your DR in-depth.

11. Start counting upward again.

12. Pause when you reach 40. At this stage, you can repeat some of the affirmations you already made or some general affirmations about shifting.

13. Resume counting upward.

14. Pause at 50. Now, you should focus on the layout of your home in your DR. Cinn says, “Imagine your DR self giving a house tour” from room to room. 

15. Count upward again. This time, finish the full count to 100. You do not need to pause to say any more affirmations along the way unless you want to. 

16. Once you reach 100, you may feel close to shifting. You can now repeat any of your affirmations for as long as it takes to finish shifting. 

17. Open your eyes in your DR or let yourself fall asleep. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cinn’s Method

Cinns method queries

Since this method has so many steps, you probably have some questions about them. Below, we answer some of the questions we have seen other shifters asking about how to do Cinn’s Method.

Q: Do you say the affirmations aloud or in your head?

A: It is up to you whether you want to say the affirmations aloud or just think them inside your mind when you are doing Cinn’s method.

If possible, you may want to try just thinking about them. That way, you can try to imagine how they would sound if you were saying them aloud in your DR voice.

Of course, if your DR voice is the same as your CR voice, it makes no difference.

Q: Do you need to listen to a subliminal to do the Cinn’s Method? 

A: Cinn recommends listening to your subliminals when you are doing this method but also says that it is not strictly necessary. So, you can skip that step and still do the method successfully.

Q: Do I need to visualize the house tour for Cinn’s Method?

A: If you are good at visualizing, then yes, this is the perfect time to put those skills to good use, imagining every detail of your DR home.

But if you are not able to visualize, you do not have to. Instead, just recite affirmations about your home and what it looks like, as you did with previous steps. 

You may also want to check out some other shifting methods without visualization.

Q: Does there absolutely need to be a script?   

A: We highly recommend a script since that way, you will have all your affirmations ready to go before you attempt to shift. But Cinn says that it is possible to do this method without a script.

You could just make up your DR as you go, improving your affirmations.

Q: How do I know if I am getting close to my DR around 100?

A: Many people feel reality shifting symptoms when they are getting close to their desired reality, like tingling, numbness, floating, etc.

If you are feeling symptoms like these as you are close to 100 or after you have reached 100, you might be near your DR. But some people shift without feeling symptoms first, so not feeling them does not necessarily mean you are not getting close.

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