10 Best Crystals for Shifting Reality + How to Get Started

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Crystals for Shifting

If you could use a little boost aligning and charging your energies while you are shifting realities, crystals could be your new best friends.

This post will teach which crystals are most powerful for reality shifting. We will also go over what you need to know to cleanse, charge and use them effectively.

Ways to Use Crystals to Shift Realities

There are multiple ways you can use crystals to enhance the shifting process. 

  • Put a crystal under your pillow. In fact, this works perfectly in conjunction with the Pillow Method for shifting. A crystal under your pillow may also help with any method that involves sleeping. 
  • Keep a crystal on your desk while scripting. It can help you push right through any blocks to your creative process, so your scripting flows naturally and energetically onto the page. 
  • Hold a crystal as you meditate. It may help you deepen your focus and awareness, entering a state conducive to shifting. 

10 Most Powerful Crystals for Shifting Reality

Now that you know how to use crystals for reality shifting, let’s review which crystals work best to help you get to your dream reality (DR).

1. Moonstone

moonstone for shifting reality

With a name like “moonstone,” you know right away this stone is linked to nighttime and sleep. It also has a calming, grounding energy. 

Use it with sleep-based methods like the Lucid Dream Method to help you drift off peacefully, releasing the stresses of your current reality (CR) so you can wake up in your DR.

2. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a stone that is linked to emotional warmth, love and compassion. At first glance, that might not seem like it has a whole lot to do with shifting, but it does. In fact, rose quartz can help you in more ways than one.

Shifting is simple but not easy. It takes a lot of effort, and most people fail on their first try. If you tend to get down on yourself, you reinforce the exact limiting beliefs that hold you back from shifting. Rose quartz can inspire you to approach shifting with greater patience and compassion for yourself. In turn, this can help you shift.

You can also use rose quartz to tune into your feelings of love for the people in your DR. When you align your vibration to theirs; they will be easier to reach.

3. Labradorite

When you understand the science behind shifting, one learns that it is the art of transcending the bounds of space and time. It makes sense to aid those efforts with an intensely spiritual stone like labradorite.

Use this crystal to align with the astral plane and to enhance your imagination. It may help you to visualize more clearly, which is important for quite a few reality shifting methods. 

4. Quartz

quartz for shifting reality

The cleansing, clarifying energy of clear quartz can help you move beyond your doubts. These properties make it a powerful crystal to hold or place near you as you are reciting your shifting affirmations.

Quartz has another capability as well, which is to boost any energy flowing through it. So, you can pair it up with other crystals on this list to amplify their effects or simply use it as a booster for your own energy as you shift. 

5. Black Tourmaline

It is a myth that reality shifting is dangerous. But that may not prevent you from feeling some anxiety about the idea of transporting your consciousness to another world. 

As black tourmaline is renowned for its protective powers, you may feel safer and more confident if you have it with you. That enhanced feeling of security may make it easier for you to push through your blocks and shift.

Plus, black tourmaline is among the stones that are best for dispelling negative thoughts. So, that is yet another way in which it can help you reach your DR. 

6. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli for shifting reality

Lapis lazuli is wonderful for honing intuition and helping us break through barriers. When you use it for shifting, you might find it easier to come up with creative solutions to any obstacles that are stopping you from reaching your DR. It may also help you literally break out of one reality and into a new one.

Practitioners use lapis lazuli to get in touch with their higher selves. Chances are good, your DR self represents a more actualized version of you—the self you most want to be. 

That means lapis lazuli may help you connect with your DR self, and thus your DR, drawing you into that universe where you feel most authentic. 

7. Celestite

This deeply spiritual stone can help you disconnect from your physical world and access a higher plane of existence. It also can deepen meditative states. Both of these properties can help you to un-tether yourself from this reality and shift successfully.

8. Amethyst

Amethyst for reality shifting

Amethyst has the ability to connect us with our spirit guides. Try using it with a method like Alice in Wonderland shifting, which involves a visualization where you follow a person (or it can be an animal, or whatever) down a rabbit hole into your DR.

While this method traditionally involves a character from your DR, you could just as well envision your spirit guide leading you to your DR.

9. Citrine

This cheerful stone with its orangey-yellow hue can stoke the fires of your creativity. It is the perfect stone to have sitting next to you while you are working on your script.

You can also carry it with you throughout the day to inspire you. The best ideas might come to you while you are at school or work. 

10. Moldavite

Finally, one more stone that might help you shift is moldavite. But this is not a stone to use lightly. It has the power to galvanize personal growth. In doing so, it may cause rapid changes to unfold in your CR.

Some of those changes might be turbulent, and the adjustment phase could be uncomfortable. 

Ultimately though, whatever happens, will help to align you with your most authentic self and discover your true capabilities—including the power to shift.

Always Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

crystal cleaning

When you use crystals, not only do they share their energy with you, but you share yours with them. Since they can soak up negative energies over time, it is important to cleanse them before you use them. 

As you use crystals, they also can become depleted of their own energies, which means they require charging. You can charge and cleanse your crystals at the same time. There are lots of simple methods to accomplish both.

Some examples include leaving your crystals out under the full moon, burying them in the earth and then digging them up, cleansing them with incense, running water over them, or performing a visualization to clear them.  

Power Up Your Shifting Now With Crystal Energy

Any of the crystals above can give you a powerful boost when you are shifting realities. If you shift successfully with the aid of a crystal, you also will form a strong associative link between that crystal and success.

That means just having it around the next time you try to shift will make it instantly easier to cast out your doubts and arrive at your DR. Enjoy working with crystals as you shift. You will be home before you know it.

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