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hug method shifting

When you imagine being in your desired reality(DR), maybe someone special is there with whom you picture spending time. That person might be your comfort character or someone else you love. 

The Hug Method is a shifting technique where you harness your emotions for that person to travel to your DR to be united with them.

Learn how to do the Hug Method shifting step-by-step below, along with some tips for making this method as effective as it can be.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Hug Method Shifting

1. Lie down in your bed in your current reality(CR) and close your eyes.

2. Imagine waking up in your DR and opening your eyes (keep your CR eyes closed). Look around you and try to visualize your DR room as vividly as possible. You can also script the while process beforehand if needed.

3. Visualize yourself climbing out of bed in your DR. As you set your feet down on the floor, try to feel the material and its temperature.

4. Picture someone special in the room with you that you want to be within your DR. Give them a hug. As you do, focus on how you feel in that moment (i.e. safe, relieved, happy, at home).

5. Fantasize about a day you spend with your DR person after the hug, doing whatever you want.

6. After you are done hanging out with your DR person, give them another hug, telling them you will see them again soon.

7. Imagine climbing back into your DR bed, shutting your eyes, and falling asleep.

8. As you are falling asleep in your visualization of your DR, begin reciting some shifting affirmations in your current reality.

9. Now, fall asleep in your CR. You are “syncing” up your activities in your CR and DR visualization, falling asleep in both at the same time.

10. You will awake in your DR. You will then be able to run up and hug your DR person for real and spend a beautiful day together like the one you imagined.

What Makes the Hug Method so Powerful

hug method is powerful

The Hug Method for shifting is a very clever technique. Instead of just picturing the setting for your DR, it allows you to picture living in your DR, complete with the emotional aspect of that experience. 

The closeness you feel with your DR person will act like a magnet, drawing you to their reality. It will charge your intent with the energy you need.

Picturing the course of a day in your DR also acts as a kind of “rehearsal” for waking up for real in your DR after you fall asleep in your current reality. It aligns your consciousness with the vibrations of the life you want, helping you cross universes.

An Easy Adaptation for Non-Visualizers

If you cannot visualize, you can still use the Hug Method. Instead of closing your eyes in your current reality and trying to vividly picture hugging your DR person, instead, simply describe everything aloud as an affirmation.

For example, you could say, “I am opening my eyes in my DR bedroom. My bedroom looks like [description]. I am climbing out of bed. The floor under my feet is [description]. I hear a knock at the door. It is [Person]! I fly into their arms. As they hug me back, I feel [emotions].”

Just continue from there.

Combining the Hug Method with the Alarm Method

hug method and alarm method

One method that is very easy to combine with the Hug Method is the Alarm method shifting. This technique involves imagining yourself setting an alarm clock in your DR. The alarm then goes off, waking you in your DR. 

Just make setting the alarm part of step 7 in the Hug Method, and you will be all set. Doing so will really reinforce the belief that you will wake up in your desired reality, and can be a big help if you struggle with self-doubt while doing the Hug Method.

Tip: Try Using Rose Quartz With the Hug Method

Rose quartz for shifting reality

Crystals for shifting can be a powerful, helping with concentration, lucid dreaming, protection and more. Rose quartz resonates with loving, compassionate energy, which makes it suitable for the Hug Method.

Try placing a small piece of rose quartz underneath your pillow when you lie down to do this technique. It will amplify the feelings of love, warmth, and closeness you feel as you imagine hugging your DR person, building an energetic bridge between you and them.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Hug Method

Shifters ask a lot of questions about the Hug Method. Below, we go over answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. 

Q: Do you physically get out of bed when doing the Hug Method?

A: No, you do not physically get up in your CR. You continue lying down. But you try to focus your awareness as much as you can on your visualization of getting up in your DR. You want it to feel as real as possible. 

Q: Can the Hug Method be used as a sleep method?

A: Absolutely. In fact, the Hug Method is primarily intended for use as a sleep method. The final steps involve falling asleep in your DR visualization and in your CR. 

Q: Can you listen to music or ambient noise?

A: Yes, you can play music, ambient noise, subliminals or anything else that helps you with the Hug Method. Ideally, however, what you are playing should be something you would expect to hear in your DR.

Q: Do you do the Hug Method in first or third person’s perspective?

A: If possible, you should try to imagine your DR in the first person, as if you were actually there, seeing it all through your own eyes.

But if you cannot do that, that is perfectly okay. The most important thing is for the process to be as immersive as possible. If the third person’s perspective makes that easier for you, just go with it. 

Q: What other methods for shifting involve focusing on a person in your DR?

A: If you like focusing on your DR person in the Hug Method, you may also like using the Valentino method shifting. With the Valentino Method, you write a letter to your DR person.

Q: Can you use the Hug Method for group shifting?

 A: Absolutely. The Hug Method is great for group shifting. Instead of picturing an imaginary person or someone from another universe, you can imagine yourself hugging another group member you want to shift with you to your DR.

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