Valentino Method Shifting in 6 Steps (Note to DR)

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Valentino Method Shifting

The Valentino Method for reality shifting is one that is closely related to the 5 Senses Method. It involves imagining yourself getting up and exploring the room where you will open your eyes in your desired reality(DR).

In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the steps of the Valentino Method shifting and answer some of your questions about it.

We will also give non-visualizers a tip on how to make this method work for you. By the time you are done reading this guide, you will be ready to shift.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Valentino Method Shifting

1. Begin by reading through your script. Focus on the reality you want to visit, and start letting go of your thoughts about your current reality.

2. The next step is to write a note to a person in your DR. A lot of shifters have questions about this; check the next section for more details on writing the note.

3. Say some shifting affirmations to yourself about your ability to shift. We especially recommend shifting affirmations that incorporate the Law of Assumption. You want to start convincing yourself you are already in your DR.

4. Lay down in a comfortable position. It should be the same position you expect to wake up in when you arrive at your desired reality.

5. Now, try and imagine the room where you will awake in your DR as vividly as possible, incorporating all of your senses.

6. Let yourself fall asleep. Or, if you prefer to use this as an awake method for shifting, just open your eyes when you are ready.

How to Write the Note for the Valentino Method

Valentino Method writing note

As we mentioned before, many shifters are confused about the note you need to write in the second step. To clarify, you write this note in your current reality, not your DR, before you attempt to shift. It can be on a piece of paper, or you can type it or even just say it aloud.

You can think of the note as a kind of meditation, a way of increasing your connection to someone special in your desired reality.

You can tell them you are looking forward to seeing them, or you can imagine you have already shifted and spent time with them, and write them a note thanking them for the wonderful time you shared.

How to Adjust the Method if You Cannot Visualize

If you have difficulty visualizing, you may wonder if you can use the Valentino method for shifting. You can, but you may need to adjust it a little. We recommend you bring in some inspiration from the Intention Method of shifting.

With the Intention Method, you quite literally just close your eyes and send your intention out into the universe to arrive at your DR. What you could do is substitute this for the fifth step that involves visualization in the Valentino Method. 

Another alternative would just be to replace the visualization step with affirmations. So, instead of picturing the room where you will wake up, you could describe it in words.

Try This Hack for Valentino as a Sleep Method

Valentino method as sleep shifting

Another method that would combine well with the Valentino Method is the Pillow Method for shifting. In this method, you put your script under your pillow and then shift as you fall asleep.

To merge these methods together, place your script and the note you wrote to your DR person under your pillow. Then do the rest of the steps in the Valentino Method and let yourself drift off.

While you are placing your note and script under your pillow, consider adding a crystal that helps with sleep as well, like moonstone. If you are struggling to visualize, you could use labradorite as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Valentino Method

Q: When/where do I write the note for the Valentino method?

A: Write the note in your current reality. Do it after looking at your script before reciting your affirmations and lying down to shift.

Q: Whom should you write your note to?

A: You can write to anyone you want in your DR with the Valentino Method. If possible, try and choose someone you feel a deep emotional attachment to, like your comfort character or a family member, girlfriend, boyfriend, or best friend in your DR.

Q: Is leaving the note optional?

A: Technically, yes, the note in the Valentino method is optional. But it is one of the most unique, innovative, and powerful parts of the method. So, we suggest you do not skip it.

Q: Can you listen to music while doing the Valentino method?

A; Yes, you can listen to music, white noise, theta waves, or anything else you want while doing this method. We recommend this Valentino method guided meditation.

Q: Do you open your eyes to look at your current reality room or your DR room?

A: You should wait to open your eyes until you have shifted to your desired reality or your waiting room. If you notice symptoms, that may mean you are almost there and that you can open your eyes momentarily. 

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