Alarm Method Shifting (2 Different Techniques Explained)

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Alarm Method Shifting

The Alarm Shifting Method refers to a pair of different techniques you can use for reality shifting.

The first is a simple method to make it as easy and automatic as possible to wake up in your dream reality (DR). This method involves visualizing setting the alarm in your DR or waiting room (WR), and using that to transport you.

The second version of the Alarm method shifting is a technique that helps you reach your DR via lucid dreaming.

Usually, you would use each method on its own, but you could also try combining them with other shifting methods.

Note that both of these are sleep methods for reality shifting. If you are looking for methods you can do while you are wide awake, check out 8 no sleep shifting methods.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Alarm Method of Reality Shifting

This 101 guide to the Alarm Method for shifting will walk you through the steps. We will go over both techniques individually. At the bottom, we answer a couple of questions that people commonly ask about this shifting method.

○ Step-by-Step Guide to Shift Using Alarm Method #1

This Alarm Method for reality shifting is one of the most straightforward methods you will find. You do not need audio tracks or anything fancy; just your mind and your willpower are enough.

1. The first step is to visualize yourself in your DR setting an alarm clock to go off. Alternately, you can imagine that you are doing this in your waiting room. 

Ideally, you should have a clear mental image of the alarm clock and its sound. But if you do not, that is okay (see the FAQ). 

2. Before bed, say a simple affirmation to yourself like, “I know my alarm will go off, and when it does, I will wake in my DR.” 

3. Go to sleep. After you do, your alarm clock will go off, and you will open your eyes to your DR.

One of the best things about this method is that you do not have to do anything “transitional” as you are falling asleep. There is no need to get into a meditative state or try to feel shifting symptomsYou have scripted that when the alarm clock rings in your DR, you will arrive. It is that simple.

○ Step-by-Step Guide to Shift Using Alarm Method #2

Combining the Alarm Methods with Other Shifting Methods

This version of the Alarm Method is also sometimes called the “FILD Method.” It is more elaborate than Method #1 but not difficult. 

1. Set an alarm clock in your current reality (CR) to go off after you expect to be asleep for a while. Ideally, it should be set to turn off by itself.

2. Go to sleep as usual.

3. When the alarm wakes you, let yourself fall back asleep. But try and remain lucid as you do. For many people, it is easier to stay lucid when falling back asleep like this.

4. Once you are lucid dreaming, you can use that lucid state to help you shift. See our lucid dream method shifting for three specific techniques you can use to make it to your DR from here. If you want, it can be as simple as creating a doorway or portal in your dream and walking through it to arrive at your DR.

○ Combining the Alarm Methods with Other Shifting Methods

As we just discussed, Alarm Method #2 needs to be combined with a Lucid Dream Method in order to get you to your DR.

In that lucid state, you could also incorporate elements of methods like the Train Method or Piano Method. Simply create the train or piano in your dream state, and then carry out the steps as you would if you were awake. Since you can see the train and hear the piano, these methods are supercharged by your dream state.

Alarm Method #1 really is designed to be as easy and effortless as possible. Just make sure you have properly scripted before you try to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Alarm Method Shifting

Q: What if I cannot visualize?

A: That is okay. The most important thing here is intent. If you cannot visualize the alarm clock or hear it in your head, just will your DR self to set it, and know that it is happening. In short, apply the Law of Assumption. Then go to sleep as normal. 

Q: How do I know if the alarm shifting method is working?

A: With a lot of reality shifting methods, you are advised to watch for symptoms to figure out if you are shifting successfully. But you do not need this feedback with the alarm shifting method.

You will know if it is working if you go to sleep and wake up in your DR. There is nothing else to it.
For many shifters, the most difficult barrier with this method will be suspending disbelief—but that would be the case with any technique you use to shift.

Try using these reality shifting affirmations to help you overcome your doubts so you can find your way home.

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