10 Inspiring Shifting Stories to Motivate and Uplift You

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If you are having a challenging time shifting to your desired reality, you are not alone. Many people are still trying to shift for the first time.

Others may have shifted successfully before and know they can do it but still find it challenging to push through their doubts that they can shift again. 

While tools like shifting affirmations and some important shifting tips can go a long way toward dispelling doubts, sometimes, what you really need is some inspiration. You can find that inspiration by reading and watching shifting stories we have collected for you.

How Can Reading Shifting Stories Help You Reach Your Desired Reality?

Reading stories from real shifters just like you, who have spent time in their desired reality(DR) living the lives they choose can help you imagine what is possible for you once you shift.

The more you focus on that, the less you will focus on your doubts. With those doubts cleared aside, you will be able to shift smoothly and easily to your DR.

Plus, other shifters can tell you what worked for them and what didn’t, helping you discover new shifting techniques

Below, we share a few powerful stories with you direct from successful reality shifters who made it home. 

10 Shifting Stories to Inspire You to Reach Your DR

1. 7-Month Shift to Escape Trauma

Shifting story 1

Let’s be honest—one of the main reasons so many of us want to shift realities is because current reality can be hard to handle sometimes. Suppose you have been dreaming of an escape. In that case, you will be inspired by this story from u/moonlit-baby on Reddit, who spent 7 current reality (CR) months shifted to her DR.

She provides specific details of her experience and answers questions about how she shifted, whether she used a waiting room, how her clone handled life in her CR while she was gone, and more. Check out the full story here

2. Ophelia Shifting Experience without Any Method

YouTube video

This is a shifting story from someone who was not even intending to shift. The video is very encouraging for anyone who has lost motivation to shift.

She describes about how she was not even trying to shift but woke up in her desired reality. The best factor of the video is the comments. There is so many who have shared their experiences and also gained motivation after watching this video.

3. Hogwarts Shifting Story from Neontears

YouTube video

This video stands out for a couple of reasons. One is that it is a shifting story from someone who says she is not good at visualizing, so it may be encouraging to those of you who have a hard time with this, especially if you are trying method like shifting to Hogwarts, which can be visually intensive.

But the other thing about it that will grab you is how much spontaneity and authenticity there is in her story. She describes experiencing a whole life in detail, including logical things she never even scripted for Hogwarts

4. Atsumu Miya & Other Shifting Stories

YouTube video

Here is another inspiring shifting story video, this time from life no daijoubu. Like Neontears, she describes remarkable events that she never scripted.

These stories make you realize that shifting is not just wish fulfilment or dreaming but something real that encompasses more than just our imaginations.

5. Friend’s Shifting Experience

Shifting story 2

In this post, you can read a Redditor sharing their friend’s shifting experience to Hogwarts using the Estelle method, including details about what all of the characters were like to be around.

Be sure to check out the all the comments from the original post to get more details on what all shifting symptoms were experienced and how the whole experience happened.

6. So Much More Than Just a Dream

Shifting story 3

User Jiji on Amino shares their first experience shifting. They were trying group shifting and were the only ones who made it (or perhaps they shifted to their own DR, rather than the group DR).

They describe how they knew what they experienced was real—they never recall their dreams, but their shifting experience was extremely vivid and memorable. Check out the full story here.

7. Kristeau’s Humorous Shifting Stories

YouTube video

For a YouTuber who really goes in-depth with her shifting stories, you will want to check out some of what Kristeau has shared. In this video, she talks about shifting to her waiting room, My Hero Academia and more.

What stands out about Kristeau’s stories is how vividly detailed and funny they are. She will make you laugh and inspire you at the same time. 

8. Ophelia’s Shifting Story

YouTube video

This is a short video, but you will love how raw and authentic this YouTuber’s emotions are as she recounts shifting. She also emphasizes that you do not need a specific method to shift with success. You just need “your mind and a good intention.”

9. Mx. Ribcage’s First Shift

Shifting story 4

In this post, a user on Amino shares their first ever successful shift in detail, where in their DR they got to be bandmates with their idol, Gerard Way.

They also provide a lot of tips and encouragement in their post for other shifters who are still struggling to shift for the first time. Read the full story here

10. Rachelle Au’s Hogwarts Shifting Story

YouTube video

In this video, Rachelle Au shares her stories about how she initially failed to shift and then successfully shifted to Hogwarts. A lot of shifters say it is obvious when you have shifted for real, but Rachelle admits to the fact that sometimes you might not be sure, especially if it was just a few seconds.

In the video, she talks about how you can tell your DR apart from a lucid dream

Now it is Your Turn to Shift

We hope you found the real-life shifting stories above educational and inspiring and that you are now feeling motivated to shift. Maybe soon, you will be the one sharing a post or a video with your own shifting stories. 

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